Advanced setup

Voice notifications

By default system uses Google TTS engine so internet connection is required for this to be working properly. Also, system can use SAPI-engine when it's available.

Media player

System can use different media-players but it is configured to use VLC media player by default (it's included with windows installation pack).

Access from the Internet

By default system allows to get access to itself from the Internet (when routing is configure right) but you can set additional username/password for users coming from outside by uncommenting following lines in ./config.php file:

 Define('HOME_NETWORK', '192.168.0.*');
 Define('EXT_ACCESS_USERNAME', 'user');
 Define('EXT_ACCESS_PASSWORD', 'password');

This means that system will ask username/password when accessing outside of home network set by the mask 192.168.0.*


You can work with database directly by opening following URL: http://localhost/phpmyadmin4/ (username "root" and empty password). You should update database username/password to something more secure and update database settings for the system in following file: ./config.php





Отправка почты из системы





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