Changes Log

December,3 2015 -- v1.0.0b

  • Websockets support added for real-time user interface updates
  • Support of 3D scenes (using WebGL)
  • New modules in the Addons Market (new protocols, interfaces, data sources)
  • Bunch of improvements in speed, stability and user interface

January 29, 2015 -- v0.9.0b

  • Windows: ability to download latest sources during installation
  • Many improvements to the Control Panel interface
  • CodeMirror editor integration
  • Improvements of performance and stability
  • Better support of Z-Wave protocol

November 05, 2014 -- v0.8.0b

  • A lot of fixes and improvements to increase speed and reliability
  • Graphics update (improvement of pChart and jpgraph framework added)
  • Control panel design update (Bootstrap 3)
  • PushBullet service support
  • Blockly (visual programming engine) update
  • ZWave support improved
  • ModBus protocol support added

July 16, 2014 -- v0.7.0b

  • Access to the system from the Internet using CloudSync
  • Quick search in the Control Panel
  • Ability to schedule scripts to run periodically
  • Contexts added to the activity patterns module
  • Commands processing in the cloud
  • Update of PHP (5.4.3) (windows version)
  • Bug fixing and usability updates

January 25, 2014 -- v0.6.0b

  • Addons market added
  • 3rd-party components update
  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixing




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