Smart Living Eco-system

Smart Living project consists of several IT products and services started by common idea of human living support and optimization.

MajorDoMo platform

Software platform that can be installed on the home server and works as central unit for coordinate work of different hardware and software all together.

Main functions:

  • Data/instructions exchange between components (sensors, actuators, web-services, etc) working in different networks with ability to build flexible connections for improving user's life aspects in the area of security, health, multi-media, economy, etc.
  • User's interface (PC, mobile, voice)


  • Integrate more hardware and services from different vendors
  • Inner optimization (structure, interface, configuration)


Applications market

This is part of MajorDoMo project that allows for 3rd party developers to publish their addons (modules/application). List of available addons is build into the system so user can install/update any of these addons just by 1-click.


  • Attraction of more developers

CONNECT web-site

People can use CONNECT to register and post their configurations of MajorDoMo platform (menu, objects, scripts, etc.) to exchange their experience. Materials posted from the system does not contain any personal data for security reasons. Also this service can be used to find people to build offline community as there is a map with locations of registered users. One more reason to register is that some other services requires username/password from CONNECT to operate properly (see CloudSync below).


  • Data exchange optimizing


Universal Automation Unit

The goal of this project is to build universal platform for "small" automation tasks that could be fit into the term of Internet of Things. Devices built on this platform can be used independently or as part of MajorDoMo automation platform.


  • Works on different hardware (PC, Rasperry PI, routers on OpenWrt/CyberWrt)
  • Access to device from the Internet and data-exchange using CloudSync service
  • Rules system to configure device's actions and reactions to the incoming data
  • Works Online and Offline


  • Stand-alone products/services based on the platform features
  • Interface optimization


CloudSync service

This is service for data exchange between different components of Smart Living Eco-system. Service is available for registered CONNECT users.


  • CloudSync for MajorDoMo: access to the system from the Internet without need to Firewall/NAT rules configuration
  • CloudSync for Universal Automation Unit: access to the system from the Internet without need to Firewall/NAT rules configuration


  • Data exchange protocols optimizing


"Alice in the Cloud" project

This is an experiment about moving some logic of user-machine interaction to the "cloud". The idea is to have ability to make the house "smarter" by itself with no need to do anything from the user's side. For now it can ask simple questions like "what is.." or "who is" using data from Wikipedia. It can keep user's preferences and use it for future interacitons.

This service is available for users registered at CONNECT web-site


  • Ability to process more requests and provide more information
  • Interactive games
  • Personal assistant in the cloud


MajorDoMo community

Community around the project is one of the most important parts of the eco-system as it drives the project and brings a lot of creative ideas.


  • More people to join
  • International community

Facebook community:




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