Windows Setup

Download installation pack, and run exe-file. During installation it will ask you about destination directory, it would be better to use default on (c:\_majordomo) as it is hard-coded in a couple of places. If you wish to use another path, please find all occurrences of "c:\_majordomo" and replace it with your new path after installation.

After installation system will ask you to run the platform or you will be able to run it from Start Menu any time later.


Platform is starting multiple scripts from c:\_majordomo\start.bat file. You can modify this script to run your own actions. By default following scripts starting:

1. Basic platform: server2go (apache+mysql+php)
2. Application USBDeview.exe (to watch USB-devices connections)
3. Main system script cycle.php

Important: server2go is trying to run as standard web-server on the port 80 so please make sure that you don't have any other web-server running on the same port. Also, sometimes Skype is using port 80 for its needs, you can disable it by going to the settings window and turning off following checkbox: "Use port 80 and 443 as alternatives for incoming connections" (Advanced -> Connection).

When platform is started correct, you should be able to open following URL to see welcome page: http://localhost/

You can access the system from other devices on your network using following URL: http://[your server's IP]/ . And the URL for mobile devices will be: http://[your server's IP]/menu.html

You can modify advanced settings using Control Panel.

Username/password for Control Panel: admin / admin

Linux Setup

Please check "readme.txt" file that included in Linux pack.




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