MajorDoMo is open source project and develops thanks to the enthusiasm of founders and active part of our community.

We will be happy of any help from you!

Main directions


MajorDoMo develops quicker than any kind of documentation for the project.

We create and filling Russian Wiki (Knoledge Base).

If you are ready to help us with manuals on English (or any other languages) — please mail us.

Also you can run a blog, create videos etc.


MajorDoMo is developed by the team from different countries and cities. Project is abolutely open source and we will be happy by your participation.

Main programming languages are PHP, Javascript.

If you know this languages and ready to help — please mail to or make pull requests on the Github.


The more the MajorDoMo will have users, the more diverse it will develop.

Thats why it will be great if you tell about project to you friends, in your Facebook (etc.), in your blog/vlog/website.

New devices

We try to create addons for support of new devices all the time. But we haven’t got all devices.

If you want to integrate new devices in MajorDoMo — please mail to And we will discuss who from our team could create addon for your devices (and to whom and how you can sent devices).

You can be shure that if you sent your devices to one of our developer you will get addon (or another variant of integration) and a few articles in our forum and blogs.


We add more and more new features, thats why testing is very important.

If you find some bugs or you have got some ideas — please write it here.