MajorDoMo — open source smart home platform

MajorDoMo (Major Domestic Module) is an open-source home automation platform aimed to be used in multi-protocol and multi-services environment. It is based on web-technologies stack and ready to be delivered to any modern device. It is very flexible in configuration with OOP paradigm used to set up automation rules and scripts. This platform can be installed on almost any personal computer running Windows or Linux OS. MajorDoMo is a part of Smart Living Eco-system.


  • Easy to install
  • Cross-platform (Linux/Windows)
  • Free for personal and/or commercial usage
  • Comminity support
  • Hardware support (MQTT, ZWave, 1-wire, ModBus, SNMP, Ethernet)
  • Multi-lingual interface
  • Web-based interfaces for any device
  • GPS-tracking and geofence support
  • Voice notifications and speech recognition
  • Push notifications
  • 3rd party services/web-sites integration
  • Multimedia control
  • Anvanced security model
  • Learn and Share with Connect
  • CloudSync (access from anywhere)
  • One-click update
  • Web-technologies in place
  • Classes/Objects/Properties/Methods
  • Scripting with PHP and/or Blockly
  • Advanced debug and self-diagnostic
  • Applications market


Project presentation:

Note: This web-site is still under construction and you will find many pages missing or not translated yet. Sorry for that, guys :)

You can always use Google Translate option available on the Russian version of this web-site -- there is much more information available for now but I hope that this web-site will be updated soon as well :)

Recent code changes:

12.08.2016 Minor fix

Minor fix

12.08.2016 Updates


* Quick search in Panel now includes properties' values
* Access rule now can use linked object/property as condition

11.08.2016 Updates


* Online devices new mysql version fix
* "Source" field added to message log (for the future updates)

09.08.2016 PHP7 fix

PHP7 fix




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